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A Worm`s Life

Eat all required apples as fast as possible.

Alien Rescue

There is life on Mars and its needs your help.!

Alien Thief

The night has come. You and your alien friends came to earth and need to do some tests.


Collect the cells and Power Ups while avoiding the spikey green cells.

Bat and Mouse 2

Collect the cheese while avoiding the bat.

Bear & Cat

Get 3 or more colours to clear them. Clear them all before they reach you

Bug Buster

a bubbles like bug game

Bums Rush

Collect as much money as you can!

Caray Snake

A strategy based snake game with obstacles

Cheesy Chase

Pacman Likish Hell The pet catch the enemy pet

Chicken in a basket

Click on the chicken to launch him into the basket.

Crazy Cars

You have won the lottery, but...


Eat your point

Finding Nemo

Help Marlin, Dory and Crush ride the EAC all the way to the swirling vortex of terror.

Fish Money

A Gold Miner style game. Grab money.
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