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When the World Stopped Making Sense

Мод о Великом переселение народов
Тема создана: 10 января 2016, 22:33 · Автор: Cerber
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Дата: 23 июля 2016, 00:40

Приобрести Crusader Kings III со значительной скидкой у официального партнёра Империала магазина Zaka-Zaka
When the World Stopped Making Sense


WtWSMS — это масштабная переработка Crusader Kings 2. Мод позволяет играть от эпохи Великого переселения народов в любую дату с 476 (падение Западной Римской империи) по 700 год и до конца оригинальной игры в 1453 (падение Восточной Римской империи).

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Список новых сценариев:
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  • Julius Nepos - 1st of May 480 - Перед смертью Непоса
  • A Shattered Empire - 10th of December 480 - Вторжение Теодориха
  • Frankish Steel - 1st of January 486 - Объединение франков
  • The Gothic Wars - 1st of January 535 - Юстиниан
  • Fallen Giant - 28th of November 511 - Смерть Хлодвига
  • Rule of Dukes - 1st of January 575 - Междуцарствие в Ломбардии

Changelog (раскрыть)

Changelog (раскрыть)

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    • Imperial

    Дата: 10 января 2016, 22:33


    Мод на Crusader Kings II, о Великом переселение народов. Мод начинается в 480 году нашей эры.

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      • Imperial

      Дата: 26 декабря 2016, 05:06

      Версия совместима с 2.6.3
      Чексумма: PIHG
      Changelog (раскрыть)

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        • Imperial

        Дата: 27 января 2017, 23:03

        Странно, что этот годный мод не закреплён в шапке.
          • Imperial

          Дата: 28 января 2017, 22:26

          Falkenhayn (27 января 2017, 23:03):

          Странно, что этот годный мод не закреплён в шапке.

          Он не особо популярен
            • Imperial

            Дата: 12 февраля 2017, 17:33

            Интересный мод, спасибо *сердечко*
              • Imperial

              Дата: 11 января 2018, 18:36

              Для просмотра ссылки ЗарегистрируйтесьДля просмотра ссылки Зарегистрируйтесь for a diary):
              - An event chain with negotiations between Romans and "Barbarians"
              - Both sides can initiate negotiations
              - Failed negotiations can lead to war, while success can be profitable for both parties, provided that they manage to agree
              - Possible outcomes is settlement within the empire and outside it, with promises or an immediate grant
              - Promises are not necessarily respected, and can lead to considerable friction
              - On death the foederati has a choice of leaving
              - Added foederati modifiers to make them a greater threat than a normal neighbour
              - A foederati may also be integrated into a vassal, at the risk of war
              - New casus belli used in the event chain to impose Roman demands
              - Romans securing a white peace or enforcing demands when defending against "Barbarians" can lead to negotiations

              - Integrated Ancient Religions v0.41.1 "Euronotus", for compatibility with 2.8.1
              - Readded some missing traits coded by Enlil
              - Readded the missing quarantine decision and improved it based upon Reaper's Due
              - Readded the missing "ask for WRE" and "ask for HRE" decisions
              - Readded the missing events for Soissons' Reconquest
              - Readded content around the Aquileian Schism and Three-Chapter Controversy
              - Integrated elements from the Additional Objectives 2.0 mod, originally by Multicast/JGCrusader and later maintained by ZachPruckowski, and updated by Vanilla Immersion, Events, and Traits (VIET) by Cybrxkhan, OrdepNM and many others in addition to work from Lux Invicta (credits to the LI team)
              - Improved the Isaurian namelist, courtesy of Pressburger and BlackEagle78 from the forum suggestions: Для просмотра ссылки Зарегистрируйтесь
              - Expanded the male namelist for the Roman culture
              - Restricted the great blot events to be only for North Germanic Germanic rulers and adapted the events accordingly
              - Added in the missing Apellian, Poititian and Synerian traits
              - Added a Quanat building representing Persian underground buildings
              - Disabled the Papacy and Ecumenical Patriarchate before the Great Schism
              - Added many new Wikipedia links for historical characters
              - Expanded the Suebic namelist, credits to BTWK team
              - Added a strait to the Isle of Wight and the Wadden Islands
              - All legions now require the relevant title to be formed and the holder to be Romance, to prevent cases where they would disband instantly after formation
              - Lowered the Fall of Rome and Persia penalties to be -20 for 100 years rather than -30 for 200 years
              - Fixed and fleshed out Attila's family tree
              - Added late-game buildable Saint Mark's Basilica in Venice, Tower of Pisa, Great Mosque of Samarra and Bastille in Paris, integrated from Unique Buildings mod courtesy of Morloran (Для просмотра ссылки Зарегистрируйтесь).
              - Allowed Neoplatonists to use Hellenic patron deities and have concubines
              - Removed the Roman culture revival events from ACR as they didn't fit with the scope of the mod
              - Added in the Western Scholae Palatinate as a reorganisable mercenary company for the Western Roman Empire
              - The Excubitors are now formed in 460
              - Reworked the Dacian name list, courtesy of abian363
              - Added "Augusta" as the feminine form of the nickname "Augustus"
              - Disabled the Holy War casus belli up until the Rise of Islam as announced previously
              - Rewritten a few vanilla events referencing anachronistic flavour or inexistant countries
              - Added some cultural title localisation in Oriens, courtesy of Qantrix
              - Added some traits for Khosrau I based upon fredrikslicer's forum suggestion
              - Added a decision to restore the imperial fleet for the WRE, which is disbanded after the disastrous Battle of Cap Bon
              - Added an imperial fleet for the ERE at start as a loyal, professional mercenary fleet, based upon the capital duchy of Europa with a decision to restore it if the capital is lost, freely inspired and adapted from the suggestion of omega20056, creator of the Project Augustus mod
              - Changed the retinue of the Vandal culture to be Alan Light Cavalry instead of Berber Cavalry
              - Added a few historical characters, such as Tufa, Magister Militum of Odoacer 489-93 and Paulus, the brother of Orestes
              - Added a minor event about the "Domuit Vascones" for Visigothic rulers conquering the entire duchy of Vasconia
              - Added a workaround that allows a character to keep the Bureaucratic government with a slight delay after changing primary title (updates upon handing out a title)
              - Hellenic characters reorganising legions will now have Hellenic legion commanders
              - Made the Samaritan religion a branch of the Israeli religious group instead of a heresy of Judaism
              - Added a High Priesthood with a historical list of High Priests for the Samaritan religion
              - Expanded the Romano-British namelist
              - Added a new religion icons for Confucianism from Tianxia, from which the religion was integrated with permission
              - Updated the Persian and ERE tributaries to be of the permanent type rather than default
              - Added Mediterranean paths of Silk Road via
              - Added a complete history of Western Roman Imperial Regalia artifact from creation to being sent to Theodoric the Great by Zeno
              - Enabled the 492-497 Isaurian Wars between Eastern Roman Empire and Isaurians
              - Filled in some history gaps in Gothic Wars bookmark
              - Changed the Insular pilgrimage to make it to St. Albans rather than to the anachronistic Canterbury
              - Modified the requirements for creating Annonaria and Italia, keeping the restrictions for the AI but allowing the player to form it with more transparency
              - Added two new religion icons for the Aquileian religion and eventual heresies, courtesy of MordredDerby
              - Added two new dynamic story events around the Isaurian Wars
              - Added the war of the pretender Leontius in as a historical war
              - Made considerable progress in the French and Spanish translatioons of the mod, courtesy of Abian36, Mouchi and Domper59
              - Permanent tributaries may no longer become independent through decision, they will have to acquire it through the force of arms
              - The command an army ambition now requires the character to hold a commander title

              - Fixed Justinian's Plague appearing in Dunhuang rather than Constantinople
              - Fixed the Assassins being able to spawn prior to the Sunni/Shiite split
              - Fixed several instances where the legion disband conditions did not correspond with the formation conditions
              - Fixed and adapted many VIET events
              - The Circus Maximus and Hagia Sophia will no longer not get built if the character taking the decision dies
              - Fixed the Pictish ruling dynasties at start being disconnected and not corresponding for the correct characters
              - Fixed the dukes of Citerior, Dalmatia, Carthago Inferior and Carthago Superior being of the same dynasty, but having no relation to one another
              - Set the global flag of the Fall of Rome after 476 to prevent the eponymous event from firing
              - Fixed truces between migrating characters and the characters created after a migration not being properly set
              - Fixed the Zalmoxian religion having a Byzantine graphical_culture rather than a more appropriate Pagan one
              - Fixed an oversight with the province of Hofuf being an enclave in the duchy Rummah instead of the duchy of Hajr as intended
              - Removed the autocephalous patriarch for the title e_landless
              - Fixed the capital of the reformed Zalmoxian religion head being in Navarra
              - Fixed an issue with the Nepos victory event triggering for other rulers than Nepos
              - Fixed a bug with an African Romance ruler controlling the Reudignians in 510
              - Fixed +100 year old characters from the Kalabrah dynasty being present in later starts
              - Fixed the county of Jaffa getting independent due to Phoenice having no holder after 500 by adding the historical Governor Dadianus
              - Fixed a bug with the secret religions of characters not displaying even if they had the same secret religion as the player
              - Fixed the oversight which made it impossible to keep the Bureaucratic government as a Romance empire after adopting it
              - Fixed Zoroastrian vassals of Persia being feudal government rather than Eransharhr
              - Fixed the Bubonic plague being announced in events without it being on the map
              - Fixed part of Italy appearing as being held by Julius Nepos between 476 and 480
              - Fixed the issues with Open Elective and Agnatic succession for the Assyrian and Roman empires
              - Fixed the positions of the ports of Winchester and Wight being mixed up
              - Fixed the bug with the Bureaucratic government retinue bonus not added in the retinue total
              - Fixed a bug which caused the wokship ancestors decision to be available to all rulers
              - Mercenaries may no longer launch migratory invasions
              - Fixed many minor character and title history bugs
              - Minor Validator and log fixes
                • Imperial

                Дата: 26 февраля 2018, 21:50

                Заметил небольшой баг с моделью юнита - "легионеры" у римлян выглядят как варанги у Византии и сражаются невидимым оружием.
                  • Imperial

                  Дата: 06 июня 2018, 22:31

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                    • Imperial

                    Дата: 14 июня 2018, 22:25

                    Для просмотра ссылки Зарегистрируйтесь

                    Checksum: ZPLE
                    Compatibility: CK2 Vanilla
                    This release is save-game compatible with the previous version (back-up saves just in case)

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