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[Tools] Blue Sentinel

[Tools] Blue Sentinel
Тема создана: 06 октября 2021, 13:39 · Автор: Celman Ctraik
 Celman Ctraik
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Дата: 06 октября 2021, 13:39

Blue Sentinel


Please read the full mod description carefully before installing.


Blue Sentinel is an anti-cheat tool for Dark Souls III, it will protect you from malicious cheats, flag players who use them, and allow you to kick them from your world.

If you're enjoying this mod, and want to support me, you can buy me a coffee here.

What does it do?

This tool aims to identify cheaters and mitigate the impact they have on your online play, through a few different methods:

Detecting stat and level abnormalities of people in your session, allowing you to remove the player with cheated stats or disconnect.
Preventing dangerous effects (such as curse) being applied to you by other players.
Preventing a wide range of exploits, including multiple crashes.
Blocking invalid items from being picked up or being given directly to you. (a.k.a "Item Inject")
Preventing a wide range of bullet-related frame rate drops.
If enabled, it can backup saves every time a new session is established and store a set amount of backups before deleting the oldest*.
It will flag alternate (family shared) accounts of people you have blocked

In addition to this, if you use the overlay, it will display the other players in the session, along with their steam profile names.

In total, the mod has hundreds of patches and detections. However, Blue Sentinel is not a catch-all solution, use your own judgement in situations and if someone is cheating but the mod doesn't pick it up, just leave the session and block them. Also don't expect the mod to pick up things that aren't sent over the network to begin with (e.g. infinite stamina, infinite i-frames)

*Backups can be found in %appdata%\DarkSoulsIII\(YourSteamID64) and are named "(timestamp)_DS30000.sl2.bak"

Why should I use a protection tool in (current year)?

The cheating scene in Dark Souls has moved on from simple annoyances like cursing and one-shots to more malicious intent (such as crashing, banning, ruining saves, etc.)

Unfortunately, the item give cheat (aka Item Inject) was just the tip of the iceberg in this sense. Dark Souls III has some serious network vulnerabilities that can get your account banned or even cause lasting damage to your PC. I have reported all of these to the publisher and developers however it doesn't look like they will ever be addressed, it's only a matter of time before these security issues become popularised / public and Blue Sentinel offers a very high level of protection against these exploits.

I would recommend that every player who wants to play online uses a protection tool, and Blue Sentinel offers the greatest coverage against both well-known and obscure exploits.


If you have the player disable overlay enabled, Blue Sentinel will flag users in your session, and also let you know who else is using Blue Sentinel by placing a '>' next to their name. In total there are 9 different flags a player can get:

[Blocked] - The player connecting has been blocked via Steam*
[Blocked Alt] - The player is family sharing the game from an Steam account that you have blocked**
[Malicious] - A check in Blue Sentinel has detected irregular data being sent from the player. This covers everything from applying effects to your character, to trying to crash your game.
[Cheating] - Blue Sentinel has detected that the player has a greatly unfair advantage - Reserved for non-downscaled phantoms
[Borderline] - A check in Blue Sentinel has detected irregular data being sent from the player, but it is indistinguishable from extremely high latency
[Invalid Stats] - The player has modified stats that are inconsistent with their soul level. For example being SL 9 with 99 in all stats.
[Impossible Stats] - The player has modified stats that are impossible to achieve through normal means, but have a normal soul level. For example having 0 faith, then moving the points to strength.
[Kicked] - The player has been kicked through Blue Sentinel and is being ignored.
[Glitching] - The player is abusing exploits (or using "glitches") such as infinite stamina with the Ring of Favour glitch, or avoiding the estus recovery animation to gain a frame advantage

*Dark Souls III will usually kick the player, however it takes 5 minutes between blocking the player and updating in the game.
**Within the ini file, there is an option which allows you to treat blocked alts as normal blocked players, refusing the connection when they join.

Important note - Flags do not necessarily imply malicious intent from the player. For example there is a bug in a commonly used anti-cheat tool which will flag up in Blue Sentinel because it looks identical to a harmful action, if someone gets flagged and doesn't otherwise seem to be cheating, it's worthwhile to reach out to them and ask them about it. Blue Sentinel shouldn't be used as an all-tell for who is and isn't cheating, and please do not witch hunt players who are flagged.


Blue sentinel tries to pick up players abusing some glitches and exploits in PvP. I've erred more on the side of caution here, so Blue Sentinel will not flag a glitch if it's not absolutely sure whether the player is glitching or not to avoid false flags. Please note that glitch detection is *disabled by default* within the ini file.

Not all glitches are detected, only the ones that seem more damaging to the online play. This is a balance between: How easy are they to perform; How popular are they amongst the community; What are their impacts on normal PvP? So far, Blue Sentinel should be able to accurately detect:
Estus cancel
Some variances of the "bow glitch"
Illegal sacred flame grabs
Weapon art swap with "Parting Flame"
Weapon art swap with "Repeat Fire"
Infinite stamina with ring of favour rapid equipping/unequipping
Being in dragon form while having armour equipped
Swapping some buff weapon arts (e.g. Onyx Blade buff on a weapon other than the Onyx Blade)

When a player performs one of these glitches, they will get the [Glitching] flag. To avoid abuse (e.g. someone only kicking for 1 glitch detected a while ago because they are losing) this flag will expire after 10 - 15 seconds, but will be reapplied if the player continues to glitch. There are also a few rules assigned to this option:
If you use certain glitches yourself whilst using Blue Sentinel, it will turn the detection for other players off for the duration of your game session.
If you are a host with glitch detection turned on and your friendly phantoms glitch (this includes any player that you summon, even reds) then they will be immediately kicked.

People have expressed concern about the glitch detection, however this is an optional flag and only accounts for <0.5% of Blue Sentinel's actual function.

Can this soft-ban me?

This tool cannot give a soft-ban by itself. To be clear:

Blue Sentinel does **not** modify Dark Souls III's code in any way*
Blue Sentinel does **not** disable Dark Souls III's anti-cheat

*The "SkipLogos" setting in the ini file does do this but it is a safe edit and will not cause a softban.

How do I use it?

You should use Blue Sentinel as a stand-alone protection tool - Uninstall any other online protection mods (e.g. watchdog) you may have first.

Download the mod from the Download page
Extract the package you downloaded, and move the following files to your Dark Souls III folder (usually in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DARK SOULS III\Game"), it should contain:
xinput1_3.dll - The mod itself
BlueSentinelPref.ini - An INI file where you can change some mod settings - Edit this to your liking

To uninstall the mod, you just have to remove these files, or if you just want a temporary uninstall, rename "xinput1_3.dll" to something like "BlueSentinel.dll", then change it back when you want to use it again.

When the mod runs for the first time, it will create a directory called "Blue Sentinel" in your Dark Souls III folder where logs will be stored.

Upgrading from PvP Watchdog?

Спойлер (раскрыть)

FAQ: (раскрыть)


A huge thanks to all of the beta testers of this mod, it would not be possible to have made this without them:
inuNorii, Dalvik, sfix, Gáté, Specter, Roxanne (Busty Patches), AntonioCS, Purpurea, Rayan, iamamish

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