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Celman Ctraik

[tools] Alter space level tool

[tools] Alter space level tool
Тема создана: 25 января 2022, 11:19 · Автор: Celman Ctraik
 Celman Ctraik
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Дата: 25 января 2022, 11:19

Alter space level tool


This simple command line tool will let you change the level of all visited locations in your save game to a particular level.
I will not be updating this tool for the remaster as space level do not work the same way as before and the method no longer works.
Space level is recalculated when a zone is instanced in the remaster. See below:
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If you are using non us-en version of windows, please try the v1.01 release. This should hopefully have fixed the parsing issue that caused the program to crash.

# KoaR.AlterLevels
A quick and dirty commandline tool to update your zone levels in Kingdoms of Amalur.
Requires .net fx 4.8 and has only been tested with the legit steam version.
Usage is very simple pass in filename path and the desired level.
The program will set all the zones in your save to have this level that it can decipher.
Note that the only safe levels are between 0 and 45. If you set the zone level to 45 the game becomes VERY hard, but this might be the only way to get some of the loot that normally cannot spawn like the level 45 Gentleman's favor.

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