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Celman Ctraik

Capital Wasteland Minigun

Capital Wasteland Minigun
Тема создана: 29 ноября 2022, 16:21 · Автор: Celman Ctraik
 Celman Ctraik
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Дата: 29 ноября 2022, 16:21

Capital Wasteland Minigun


This mod adds the Minigun and Minigun Backpack from Fallout 3 to Fallout 4.

Скриншоты (раскрыть)

This mod adds the Minigun and Minigun Backpack from Fallout 3 to Fallout 4.


Faithfully recreated Fallout 3-style Minigun
Adds the Fallout 3-style backpack to accompany the Minigun, which will be equipped any time you equip the Minigun, same as Fallout 3
Adds 2 unique variants of the Minigun to vendors: Eugene from Fallout 3 and the CZ57 Avenger from Fallout: New Vegas. They feature unique paintjobs/backpacks.
Eugene can be purchased from Arturo in Diamond City, and the CZ57 Avenger can be purchased from Cricket.
Adds the Fallout 3-style 5mm ammo box to Fallout 4 as a replacer for the vanilla 5mm ammo box.
58 new animations including first person, third person, Power Armor, and Super Mutant animations (Fallout 4 animations do not fit the Capital Wasteland Minigun handles, so I had to create new animations)
13 weapon mods, including faction-based paint jobs with unique textures

There are 2 versions of the files:

Option 1 - Replacer: Replaces the Fallout 4 Minigun and 5mm ammo box with the Capital Wasteland variants, also adds 2 unique Miniguns to vendors.
Unfortunately this replacer cannot work without an .esp, as the Minigun needs the .esp to have Backpacks work properly as well as some of its mods. Do not use this replacer if you have a mod that edits the vanilla Fallout 4 Minigun, use the Integrated version instead.

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to use the Replacer version, Miniguns that you picked up/found before installing this mod will appear broken/be missing parts. This can easily be fixed by taking the broken Minigun to a workbench and changing all of its mods to the 'Standard' version. This will only occur with Miniguns that were found before installation, Miniguns encountered afterwards should spawn correctly. If these issues persist or bother you, I encourage you to try the Integrated version instead.
Option 2 - Integrated: Adds the Minigun, 5mm ammo box replacer, and 2 unique Minigun variants to various vendors, as well as a chance to spawn anywhere a normal Minigun can, such as on Super Mutants and other enemies.

Note: F4SE is required for the backpack to appear on you while you are inside Power Armor. If you don't have F4SE, the backpack will not equip to you in Power Armor.

Known Issues:

The Minigun and Minigun Backpack may clip in certain outfits/armors, unavoidable due to the Minigun's shape and the high number of different outfits.
Equipping the Minigun can rarely equip an incorrect backpack to you. This can usually be resolved by un-equipping and re-equipping the weapon.
Super Mutants may twitch their arm while firing the Minigun, this is a vanilla Fallout 4 bug and not a result of this mod.
Using the Replacer version in a save where you have already picked up/found a vanilla Minigun before installing the replacer will cause that Minigun to appear broken. This can easily be fixed by taking the broken Minigun to a workbench and changing all of its mods to the 'Standard' version.

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Special Thanks:
HcGxGrill - For helping me get the Minigun into leveled lists, help setting up the weapon, and for the injector script.
TheFriedTurkey - For helpful critique and tips for my models/textures.

Some of the outfits in the screenshots are from the Capital Wasteland Outfit Pack Part II mod, made by TheFriedTurkey and HcGxGrill.
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