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  Ostalgie: The Berlin Wall (Английский трейлер)

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Автор: X Age of Kings
Добавлено: 10 марта 2018, 11:21
Просмотров: 448
Описание: Trailer of the new real-time strategy from Kremlingames
The confrontation between the socialist and capitalist bloc is coming to an end, but the confrontation between socialist and capitalist Germany is not. The old party leaders are still sitting in their offices, not changing anything and waiting for exclamations from Moscow. But their end is close – Gorbachev and Helmut Kohl shake hands, unleashing unexpected consequences even for themselves. — Lead East Germany, fraternal Bulgaria or save the Genius of the Carpathians in Romania. — Conduct the country through a series of reforms, leave everything as is or look for opportunities to build new formations of socialism. — Fight with westalgia in all available ways or lead these initiatives and lead the country closer to the western neighbors. — Serve the people and party officials, manipulate the elections, make adjustments to propaganda. — And watch out for the distribution of budget funds. The world does not stand still. And radical changes have already begun. Can you stand it?

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